Basic rules for good sex

The situation

Beat. Whipping. Rhythm. Voosing. And so there are at least 147 more words for what many of us love most: sex. But how to make up for it? In the spirit of 'no kidding', here are the reasons for a passion-filled Easter weekend. Sex with experienced whores who can fuck lek rk.
The rules of the game

1. conversation after the act

Or during, if the moment is a bit sultry. But above all, commit to your pleasure. Almost a quarter (23%) of women rarely have sex with their partner. A quarter usually enjoy it and less than half (46%) do it almost all the time, according to an online survey of 1,350 people (1,060 women and 2,809 men) conducted by Psychology Magazine. And as many as 4 out of 10 women say they enjoy sex less than their (male) partner. Missed opportunity! So talk after the fact. Say what you like and what you don't like. Or subtly push a hand in the direction you want it to go. Make yourself heard!

2. master the art of kissing well.

If you want some passion this Easter, focus on a good kiss. Especially in a long relationship, sex can sometimes become a secondary issue, but according to kissing expert Katia Loisel, it is important to master the art of a good kiss: 'It can increase attraction, releases a lot of oxytocin in the body, the cuddle hormone that promotes connection and intimacy. The hormone also reduces feelings of stress and the likelihood of conflict. When you kiss regularly, you are more likely to be happy and feel connected. Another benefit is that you make more eye contact with the other person, which increases intimacy. And the closer you are emotionally to your lover, the more delicious it is between the sheets.

3. Nobody likes a fake

No, it's not about extensions, nails and implants or the famous blue pills. Fake orgasms, that's what it's all about. Pretending to cum. Don't. Why: Why should you? To make the other person feel good? Because you're embarrassed that it's taking too long? In this case, read rule 1 again. You are responsible for proper preparation, so explain to your lover what you want and invest in some nice fantasy to give you the final push. If you have just met, you may need some time to get to know each other. And if you have been together for a few years, it is obvious that pretending is a faux pas for both of you.