Betting Tips In Nigeria: A Quick Guide




Betting, in times past, was associated with gambling money just to predict the possible outcome of a sporting event. Over the years, this has changed entirely from the seemingly unserious act of gambling, into art that shows the great skills of betting tipsters and has proven to be a means by which even many more people are drawn to sports around the world.

How to make an informed decision while betting

The best option to confirm that you make great decisions with your bets is to trust a tipster. If you find a pro tipster, especially like the ones found at betting tips Nigeria, there will be no going back from there. They take away the stress that comes with calculating odds yourself and trying to figure out the team that will win.

If you would rather not use a tipster, especially if you feel you are better than the ones you have seen so far, you can then calculate your odds yourself.

The first thing that will help with making better decisions is sticking to one bookmaker. Get familiar with how a bookmaker works and be around to get tips from better tipsters.

Another thing that can help with making an informed decision is to belong to a social community for like-minded individuals interested in bets. This community will help you thrive a great deal as you will have people with whom you can rub minds and analyse games together.

What is the best site for betting tips?

With the increase in the fanbase of sports, it is no surprise then that various sites have sprung up. These sites do not just aim to be mediums for betting, they as well go the extra mile to ensure that whosoever has a need for sound betting advice also finds solace in their page.

Of all the numerous betting sites all over Nigeria, the best site to be trusted for betting tips is no other than betting tips Nigeria. The site is the most reliable when it comes to sure football predictions. And they came to be recognized as such because unlike all other betting sites for betting tips, they give the best betting tips.

This is so because the site has gathered great tipsters over the years. At betting tips Nigeria, tipsters take their time and do an in-depth analysis of every sport they have to give betting tips about.

Football betting

As there are a variety of football seasons, so also the times and periods that people get to place their bets. The English Premier League is one common one that most people always tend to look out for in Nigeria. You can also bet on La Liga, Serie A, Ligue 1, German Bundesliga, as well as lower leagues like Dutch League, Estonian League, Scottish Premier League, and many more leagues across the world.

To place a football bet, you should know that there are certain terms you should have in mind. You should know the stake which is the amount of money that you choose to drop to secure your bet. Should in case you lose the bet, the stake is the amount of money you stand to lose.

Free betting

This happens when a bookmaker makes a stake for a bet without collecting a fee from the bettor. This is a trend adopted by most bookmakers who have online platforms. As the idea is to retain as many users to their betting platform as possible, they adopt these tactics to new customers who open new betting accounts with them.

And since free betting is an opportunity to place a bet knowing fully well that you do not get to bear the risk and the loss of such a bet, most people give in easily and welcome a free bet when they are given one. This becomes more interesting when you consider the fact that even when you do not get to bear a part of the loss, you get to enjoy the winnings if the bet does win.

Majorly, free betting tips are given to people by bookmakers in an attempt to retain them as customers.

Betting tips in Nigeria.

Ensure you are familiar with the bookmaker and the environment.

Only place a bet after knowing the rules of the game and the bet and you are familiar with it. This ensures that after placing your stake, an unwarranted event doesn’t occur making you lose your money in an irresponsible manner.

Try not to get greedy. Betting is placing a gamble and if you happen to be lucky more often than not it tends to get to the head. Try as much as you can to not get greedy and go off borrowing just to make a stake. There are bets for as little as 100 naira. Ensure that whatever stake you drop is what you can afford.

Avoid betting on friendlies if you can. They tend to be very unpredictable, it is better to be avoided.

If you will be placing your bet through a physical shop, it is advisable you go to the location to have a feel of things there yourself. You do not want to hear from a third party that the betting shop you are familiar with was robbed or that there was a fight at the location. If you must send ` someone to place a bet on your behalf, ensure that such a person can be trusted with your money.


Article By: Victor Nnamdi, @Chiboy