This is a question that immediately comes to mind as soon as you start looking for a good dating site. If you do a Google search, for example, you will already see 10 different dating sites in the top 10 results. All 10 claim to be the best site, of course, but often you cannot trust the messages on the site itself. Try a sex ad site.

It is better to look at the experiences of the users. If they are positive, at least you know that the site in question is trustworthy. For example, look at a dating site like Victoria Milan. If you can believe the reviews on the site itself, it is a perfect site with excellent user-friendliness and a guarantee of success. If you read the user reviews, a completely different picture emerges. There is talk of fake profiles, bots and scammers. But you also see a difference in ratings between men and women. This is because women can use this dating site for free and the fake profiles are often of women. So, as a straight woman, you don't have to suffer from this. Instead, as a woman, you can choose from many real men, and therefore women are generally more positive. So even if you read negative reviews, it does not mean that the website is actually harmful to the user. It simply depends on who is writing the review. However, fake profiles and scammers are a problem that many dating sites face. That is why it is good to read the experiences of others first, so that you know whether a site shows many or few fake profiles. It may be that a dating site is free, but if it is then constantly lured by scammers to other paid sites, it is obviously not much use. Then it is better to pay a few euros. But even then you have to be careful, because sometimes large amounts are simply debited from your account. You can also read the experiences of people who have used the dating site in question. There are good and reliable websites, but sometimes you need to do a bit of research.
Find out about the dating site and read the experiences before making your choice.

You first have to find out what kind of website is suitable for your purpose. If you want to cheat, then a site like Victoria Milan is very suitable. Next, you need to check whether the site is trustworthy. If it turns out that it is not, you need to find another website. Second Love, for instance, could be a possibility, as this dating site is also for people who are looking for a fling. Here too, however, one has to look at the experiences of users. If you are looking for a serious relationship, Parship is a good choice and if you read the experiences, you will find that it is also a reliable dating site. Thanks to us, you can quickly find out which sites suit your goals and which are really reliable.

Discover sites in your category

As already mentioned, you need to find a site that suits your needs and goals. For this reason, it is a good idea to consult the categories and check the dating sites by category. In terms of categories, you can think of the following, for example:

  • High education
  • Sex dating
  • Cheating
  • Gay
  • Ethnic