2 'Ladies' Duo

' This is a combination of an air pressure toy and a vibrator. It's like a spaceship, so big. You think, 'OK, what am I going to lie in bed with?' But this thing really works in a fantastic way. The air pressure on the clitoris and the intense, deep vibrations on the G-spot. Well, it really works great. Most women need clitoral stimulation to come, but this really is the best of both worlds. Men can simply order a horny escort.

3 'Satisfyer Curvy'

This relatively new toy is the cheapest of the lot. And again, an air pressure toy. 'Air-pressure toys really are the new invention,' explains the professional tester. "But this one has such a nice addition. You can control it remotely with an app. I'm really happy that this is possible. Considering the crown, this still allows you to connect with another person."

With the app you can also create models. "I think it's great, but some people might not find it brave," Van den Heuvel adds.

4 'WeVibe Nova 2

"This is really number one for me. The toy of the year, I already know that. It's a Tarzan vibrator, but it's top form: remotely controllable (so, again, crown-proof), an incredibly good app - and it adapts to your body. Also, the vibrations are excellent. It has very good vibrations, both inside and outside'. Double pleasure, then. "And another thing: you can create a kind of symphony with the internal and external vibrations. It's certainly not a normal vibration."

5 'Njoy Pure Wand'

"I always say to buy a good dildo because it will last you a lifetime. And that applies to this one too." The Njoy Pure Wand is a banana-shaped dildo made of metal. "This shape... Men should have a dick of this shape. Somehow it's perfect for stimulating the G-spot. Don't rush it, but slowly swing it up and down. People stop immediately when they hear that it is metal. I often put it on a jug first'.

Van den Heuvel adds that it doesn't even matter if it's cold. "The thing is so good that you don't care. Besides, it warms up in no time."

6 'Stronic G.'

Stronic G.' is an equally different cake. It is a pulsator with a metal ball inside. It is powered by a magnet that moves it up and down. "It really feels like sex. Simply lie down with your legs slightly together. By changing position, it can go slower and faster or follow a pattern. It's also hands-free'.
Then you have some

Most of the toys on this list come at a cost, but Van den Heuvel emphasises that you should never choose the cheapest toy. "You have to be sure that the material is good. Also, they often last a long time. And the more expensive they are, the better. This is often the case with sex toys."

Would you like more information on the toys mentioned above? Van den Heuvel presents all its toys on its website in colours and smells (price, centimetres, material and so on).