A rift between Wenger and Sanchez?

Peace Talks. Ultimately, Sanchez and Wenger could kiss, make up, the whole 9 yards.

Arsenal’s loss to Liverpool at Anfield is the latest example of their inability to be competitive against their direct rivals, and for Liverpool, it was the latest example of their ability to do the exact opposite. Beyond this game, however, how may the narratives change around both teams, despite their flaws, depending on their ability to stay in the top 4? Also, was the sight of Alexis on the bench for the first half a sign of a rift with Wenger? A rift that could have significant impacts on the team for next season, and possibly beyond?

The pod squad also focus on United’s latest inability to leave 6th place, in what is looking increasingly like Groundhog Day at Old Trafford in the league. What role has Mourinho himself played in his United’s failure to win more games? Is it just as simple as ‘not taking chances’?

We also cast an eye over the relegation fight, where a pattern is beginning to emerge. It is already beginning to look like Leicester should have taken action sooner.

Enjoy the episode!