What Be Diego Costa, If Not Belligerent?


Aggressive, Irritating, Antagonistic, Underhanded, Annoying; such kind words to describe one man. To his foes, there is no line he is not willing to cross and that’s what they hate most about him. To his fans & lovers, his antics on the pitch every other game is what draws them even closer. We’re talking about the man everybody loves to hate. Same man so many some can’t get enough of. His name; Diego Costa.

Diego Costa.

Already this season, Diego Costa has rescued Chelsea from sticky situations. His impulsive style of play riles opponents, while he runs around the pitch with the stealth of a wrecking ball. Whenever he’s in the box, he’s as sly as a fox. The question on people’s lips whenever Dirty Diego is the centre of conversation (read controversy) is “can’t he leave all the shenanigans and folly at home and just be brilliant?”

Well, their guess is as good as mine. The question I’d like to ask in response is; “Why should he?”. Really. Why take away the one thing that makes Diego Costa Diego Costa? I mean, the focus on Costa compares to none in the Premier League. Ever since King Luis Suarez left the British shores, English football has craved an outlaw. The focus, as expected, has been persistent.

Costa’s acrobatic goal vs Swansea. Say what you like about him, the man’s got style!
Why always Costa?

For every blade of grass Costa touches, the slow-motion replays aren’t too far behind. Forget this perception that’s being deliberately created; why aren’t we celebrating Costa the footballer? Without Costa’s goals this season, Chelsea would be in big trouble! So why are we squawking his faults and hissing his feats?

I think we ought to changed the focus. True, there is a dearth of “nice” footballers but Costa has never claimed to be what he isn’t. He takes whatever punishment given him and dishes out an equal measure so why the furore?

They say we don’t know what we have until its gone. Instead of questioning the man he is, why don’t we take a minute to appreciate Costa the footballer and enjoy something truly remarkable before its gone?

Article By: Tommy, @Monsieur_T